2009 Recap

Wow, I have been away from blogging a bit, haven't I? It's not that things are super crazy - it's just because life is happening, and that is enough to keep me occupied. But it is now the last day of 2009. So I thought I should say a quick hello and maybe recap what's happened this past year. There has been a lot of happenings, that is for sure.

January - The Bradys rung in January 2009 with friends. We hosted a NYE party at our place last year, and it was awesome. I'm so glad we did that. For in 2009, we will be doing the exact opposite - it will just be the two of us at home. That's okay, too.

February - Mike broke his ankle. Not good. The start of six very long months of recovery. I, on the other hand, went full speed into half-marathon training with Mer and Lauren.

March - Surgeries and recovery for Mike, more running for me.

April - Mike continues to recover, and I keep running. I also got to be an extra in a movie!

May - Mike continues to recover and is also hard at work on his dissertation. I ran a half marathon with Lauren and Meredith. Team I hEArT Durham participates in its second Doughman race, and I help plan the "Doughman hEArTs Durham" banquet. The race is featured on Man vs Food.

June - Mike is healing very well - and he evens drives for the first time. He drives to campus for his dissertation defense. Mike is Dr Brady!!!! The end of grad school. I turn 31, and we go bowling.

July - We do everything we need to do to get prepared for the move. I interview for jobs, we put a bid on a house. We wrap up life in Durham.

August - We move. We say "see you later" to friends and move to Ohio. We buy a house. We start a "new" life.

September - Mike is a professor now and finding his groove. I look for jobs. And look for jobs. And look for jobs. We go to Canada for the first time and get to hang out with lots of our Duke buddies. Wonderful to reconnect with everyone.

October - Mike is awesome as Dr Brady. We start making new friends. We still miss Durham. I take a job as a waitress/bartender at a local Inn, and I start a part time consulting gig. Still looking for full time employment. We have a Duke mini reunion at Put-in-Bay, Ohio. Cold, but awesome.

November - I quit the inn. Not for me. Mama Brady and Peg visit for Thanksgiving. Still looking for full time work.

December - Mike completes his first semester as a Professor - he is such a rock star :-) Lauren visits us - yay! We visit TX for the holidays.

2010 - I'll keep you posted!!!!

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