Loving Ohio, but still jobless

Hello, faithful readers. Sorry I haven't blogged much about our new lives in Ohio. One would think that since I am stuck at home I would have plenty of time to blog. I guess in reality I do, but I am trying not to do too many things that remind me I have too much time on my hands. Instead, I run, I do chores, I clean up the yard, I go driving without the use of our Tomtom. I can fill up a full day with all of these activities. Trust me - it's what I have been doing the past several weeks.

The house is now fully unpacked. It looks great and we love it. LOVE IT. This is the type of house that I would want to rent when I go on vacation somewhere. I still have this recurring thought that the mortgage guy is going to show up and say, "Yeah, there was a mistake. You didn't really buy this house. We need to take it back." The house is that wonderful. I feel very lucky to be in such a beautiful home in such a beautiful place.

As for the "place", we are enjoying Granville so far. I don't need to use my car much, so I just walk or run to wherever I need/want to go. The entire village isn't more than a couple of miles across, so I can walk over to the grocery store, the bars, campus, etc. No need to use the car for in town stuff. If I want to go to nearby Newark, Heath or Columbus then I use the car. Not too shabby. Saving lots of money in gas. I've only gotten gas twice since we have moved here.

Job hunt - grrr. I'm still on the hunt. I am waiting for my phone to ring any day now about an amazing position at Ohio State. I interviewed last week with the entire staff in a four and a half hour interview - complete with me giving a one hour presentation to the full staff. I think it went really well, and I enjoyed meeting and spending time with all of the people there. They are interviewing four people for the position, and I was the first one in the door. The last person interviewed Monday I believe. They said they would make a decision by the end of this week. Oh please let me get this call.

In the meantime, I apply for jobs every day. I haven't quite given up on a higher level position yet - I've only been jobless about a month and a half now. Surely I can find something challenging - a step up if you will. Give it another month, and I will be applying to work at Sears. Really. I've thought about it. I really want something meaningful though. I want to do good things for people. Why is that so hard to find?

I will get a bit of a break from the job hunt this weekend. The annual Political Science conference is in Toronto this year. Mike and I are heading up tomorrow and staying through Sunday. I have never been to Canada before, so this will be a new adventure! We are driving up, and the entire route will also be entirely new to me. I should have lots of photos to share next week.

That's about it for now folks. I will try to be better about writing. Hell, since I have so much time on my hands, I should try to write meaningful essays or something. Surely an advance on a book deal could get me paid, right??

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