Eulogy to my passport

While unpacking boxes, I came across the creative writing work I did at Oxford. Just thought I would revisit this one since the passport is getting dusted off in a couple of weeks.

Eulogy to my passport

Smooth blue cover
embossed in gold.
Your bindings hold stories
too heavy for your thin pages.

We have seen
so much of the earth
Together, you and me.
You gave me the world.

From savannah
to warm tropical isle.
On the top of double-decker buses
and below the bows of ships.

Hymns of Africa,
Steel drums of Bermuda.
Sing-alongs in English pubs.
These are the tunes we learned together.

Each time I held you
I said painful goodbyes,
then happy hellos.
Only to say goodbye again.

Tears stained my cheeks
and streaked each stamp.
My heart broke too much
with the freedom you gave.

Now rest in the dust
atop my shelf.
I cross the border into home
and say goodbye to you.


Steve and Darrah said...

What a beautiful poem! You should write more often. :)

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