So much to do...

Here's the short of it - tomorrow we are going to Columbus. It's house hunting madness, neighborhood wandering, sightseeing, and on Monday morning - it's interviewing. It will be one crazy weekend. A full update will be provided once we get back.

In the meantime, something cool! A friend of ours, King, is an up and coming artist. We had always wanted to buy one of King's paintings, but not being in the "art market", we didn't really have that kind of budget. But thankfully for us, King was selling off a few pieces, and we were actually able to afford one.

This piece will hang in our home in Ohio!
"Baltimore Blues" by King Kenney

The blurry photo is from Francesca's in Durham. I didn't want to creep the ladies out by taking photos of them. But this is our painting. We already have it at home now, but we are waiting to put it on the wall of our new home!

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Meredith said...

*Love* the painting!! King is donating a piece to the Coalition to Unchain Dogs concert raffle at the end of August - we're all so excited!! I also believe he's having an art show next Friday, July 17th.