Oh, the rollercoaster of life...

Yin and yang. Everything has to balance out, right? We have had a lot of wonderful, cool and awesome things happen in the past couple of weeks. Mike succesfully completed and defended his dissertation. I had an amazing birthday. I found out I won dinner for two at Il Palio through a drawing at the Farmers Market. I also found out I got a third round final interview with the cool company in Columbus I mentioned a few posts back. We're headed to Columbus next weekend to do a marathon round of house hunting over the weekend, then I have my interview Monday morning. Everything was coming up roses.

Then we got the call. Mike's mom's breast cancer is back. We went from the top of the mountain down into the lowest reaches of the valley. We are still getting information on what the treatment will be. We will all work together and do everything we can. But, wow, that was a bit unexpected.

Damn - life sure is interesting, isn't it?

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Ellobie said...

Y'all will make it through this with flying colors, I just know it! :)