It's the only word I can think to use in describing this current point in time. We're moving to Ohio - in August. We're here in Durham - for now. I've given the date of my last day of work, but it's about 60 days away. I know what we're leaving and have no idea what we are going to. There is no job for me on the horizon, nor do we have a place to live. We want to buy soon after arriving, but that will be 3-6 months after our arrival. Did I also mention that I have no job?

I'm sad to leave Durham, but I am ready to get on with the rest of my life. I'll be leaving a sweet gig at Self-Help and going to who knows what, but I am sure I will find something. Right? Will I? I'm ready to be a homeowner and maybe even have a kiddo. But we can't do that until we go and get settled. It's so close yet so far.

I love Durham, and it still seems strange that in two months, I won't live here anymore. But I feel like each day is ripping off the band-aid slowly. It has to come off, but all I'm doing is pulling out one hair at a time. One. painful. hair. at. a. time.

It's purgatory. I'm ready to move on but don't want to leave. How do I make it through the next two months?


Luc Perkins said...

Better question: how do WE survive the first few months after you guys leave?


Meredith said...

Oh, this is awkward - you didn't mention anything about me coming with you guys to Ohio. Because we all know Durham won't be nearly as fun without you guys! :-(

Mrs. B said...

Been there, done that, as you know.

One thing that REALLY helped me from the transition from CA to NC was to go house hunting in Durham/get a feel for where I was going.

Obviously, for me, it was nice in that I already had family in Durham, but, coming here and driving around by myself got me excited about moving here, too.

Is there a way for y'all to take a few long weekend trips to OH and start getting a feel for where you might live/the community? Can you hook up with your husband's new employer's spouses/SOs?

As for saying good-bye to Durham, like me with LA, you never really say good-bye; and, thankfully, it isn't THAT far for visits both ways!

If you're like me, though, you'll probably never stop trying to get people to move to OH! I am STILL trying to get Peri to move to NC