Doughman 2009

It's over - whew. We did not come in last place :-) I haven't seen the official line up, but I *think* we came in 46th....out of 51 teams. It's an improvement from last year! Our finish time was 2 hours 5 minutes - 35 minutes faster than last year. ROCK ON. Enjoy the pics!

I am also thrilled to say that the banquet went fantastic - awesome food, lots of great local beer, and an awesome turn out. We actually had some folks at the banquet who tried out Taste of Durham earlier in the day. Their assesment: "Now THIS is the taste of Durham!!" There was a lot of encouragement to hold the banquet again next year. So keep your eyes peeled - hopefully the Doughman hEArTS Durham banquet will be back and bigger and better next year!!! (I totally forgot my camera at home, so I have no pics from the banquet!)

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