Team "I hEArT Durham" vs "Man vs Food"

Exciting Doughman Development! Turns out that the Travel Channel's "Man vs Food" will be competing in and filming the Doughman on May 23! How awesome is that?? Supposedly the Man vs Food folks are putting together an all star team. This just may mean that Team I hEArT Durham won't come in last. Surely we can beat Adam, Anthony Bourdain, or that Bizarre Foods guy....right?? (we have no idea who the team members will be - I'm just hoping Bourdain will be there!)


PS - THERE IS STILL ROOM FOR A FEW MORE TEAMS!!!!! If you are interested, go to the Doughman website: www.doughman.org and sign up TODAY!

Running log: This is the LAST week of training! Half-marathon is on Saturday. This is a taper week, so we will only do the Buehler trail on Tuesday and a short two mile run on Thursday. Friday is off to the Grandover Resort in Greensboro to relax and wait for race day at 7am on Saturday!!!!!

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