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Hi, all. I am sure you have nervously been wondering about me. Where is she? What's going on? The fact is that I have been on the road or stuck at home, so I haven't done much blogging! Last week was a good one. MLK day on Monday, Snow Day at home on Tuesday. Wednesday I was off to Texas to do the following:

7am: Fly to Houston via DFW
12pm: Visit a charter school in North Houston
2pm-5pm: Visit with Mom at the 'rents house
5pm-6:30pm: Dinner with Mom and both the Dads
6:30pm-9:30pm: Drive to deep South Texas to stay the night for my site visit the next day

Thursday also had a fun breakdown:
8:30am: Breakfast with construction specialist
10am-noon: Meeting with my school, the GC, the architect and full site visit
noon-1:30pm: Drive even further into South Texas to meet with the USDA regional office
1:30-2:15pm: USDA Meeting
2:15-6:30pm: Drive to Georgetown, TX (north of Austin) to prepare for next day's meeting

Friday was of course full of travels itself:
8am-9:30am: Drive to Temple, TX for USDA Meeting
10am-11am: USDA Meeting at State Office
11am-1:00pm: Drive to the Austin Airport
2:30pm-9:00pm: Travel home to RDU via DFW

It was a whirlwind trip but a lot of fun. I got to see the parents, I got to visit my home state and I got to meet all the folks from the school I have been working with the past year. I also got some great training in construction management. It looks like I did a good enough job to be sent back once per month and monitor the project from start to finish. I am super excited.

I would have stayed in Texas a bit longer if it were not for the fact that Miss L was kind enough to get tickets to see RENT for that Saturday evening. Our good friend John Watson was staying at the Brady Household during Rent's stop in Durham. It was great to spend some quality time with him while he was here. John has an ensemble role in this year's cast, and he is thrilled to be on the road with the traveling show again. Well, he's thrilled to be performing anyway. Being away from his lovely significant other, Amanda, though is much tougher. He's on the road a good chunk of the year. But thanks to Google Chat and visits here and there, it all works out fine.

Here's a couple pics courtesy of Lauren!

The full cast list - there is Mr. Watson on the right!

At the Pinhook after the show
(thanks for the free beer, random dude at the Pinhook!)

Lauren, John and Meredith

The Davidson Boys Reunited - John and Mike

Our Rent Night Out
L to R: Cookie, Mer, Lauren, Mike, John, me

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Ellobie said...

Not much to do with your post in general, but I wanted to mention how wonderful it is that your mom&dad and dad can all hang together. I love it! :)