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Here lately when I google a recipe title, I often end up getting shuttled to this blog: Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. It is a treasure trove of vegan recipes that are fantastic. I'm not vegan, but this roll of recipes is allowing me to build in more and more vegan dishes to our menu at home.

Tonight I am trying cumin rice with eggplant and peas. I bought a cute little egg plant this weekend at the grocery store, and I wanted something fun to do with it. We also happen to have every other ingredient for the recipe on hand at home. We are going to take the author's suggestion of having some roasted asparagus on the side. Our vegan house guest, Stefan, is going to do the honors of making some lentil dip to pair with the whole thing as well. I am actually really looking forward to this meal! Since we have stuff going on every other night this week, it is our one chance to have a healthy meal at home. I hope this turns out as well as it sounds!

RECIPE REVIEW: The Cumin Rice came out wonderfully. I thought we had frozen peas, but we did not. Therefore, I subbed in a can of peas, and it actually worked fine. Just don't overstir (and add the peas at the end when you take the rice out of the oven). We all decided that the dish would possibly even benefit from the addition of some raisins or pine nuts. For non-vegans, a dash of plain yogurt would be a nice touch, too. I added a bit of extra cayenne pepper, and it added a nice back burn on the rice. Overall, a great dish. I thought that with the cumin it would be more southwestern, but the dish was definitely more Middle Eastern in flavor. Very yummy.

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