Thanksgiving Recap

We had a lovely Thanksgiving. Lowkey and relaxing. Thursday was spent cooking from 7:30am through 3pm. The completion of the cooking meant it was time to eat. Thirty minutes later, both Mike and I were sound asleep. Afterwards, we hit Kyle's house for the ultra cool Thanksgiving after party. We met some cool new folks and chatted with old friends. I tell ya, it's like Rock N Roll holiday at Kyle's house any holiday. Thanksgiving was spent with members of the Dry Heathens, Red Collar and Rat Jackson. So trendy is that Mr. Kyle. Friday Mike and I both wandered out for a bit of shopping and hit a few good deals. Afterwards was the Beerfest at TBC. That was a good time. Back home to have more leftovers and rest. The rest of the weekend was spent around the house, running a few errands, and for me - a really nice run on Saturday afternoon and a long workout on Sunday. I have to work off all the turk'y I ate!!!! I'll let the pics do the rest of the talking. Enjoy!!!!

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Ellobie said...

Look at you with the nifty slideshow! Awesome!