Ridiculous Addictions: Twilight

Cast photo from Twilight the movie

I am not a 14 year old girl. But if you looked at my nightstand reading, you would assume I was. Several friends had read Stephenie Myers' Twilight - some liked it, some loathed it and some loved it. I was curious about all the hype, so my good friend Darrah was happy to send me her copy. Let's just say I flew through the book. In three nights of reading, I killed it off. I actually slept in late on Sunday so I wouldn't have to wait too long to go see the first showing at the theatre that day. I was the only person in the theatre (which happened to be without heat) and watched with utter awe the movie based on the book. I have no idea how this happened. Trust me, my eyes are kind of rolling, too.

I love the writing - I like Meyers way of describing environment and character. (Or maybe I thrilled with reading books meant for adolescents after reading academic style writing for all those years of grad school.) While some critics have blasted the flatness of the character development, I think that sometimes it's nice to not get too much info on the people. It's more fun to figure out what's not being said.

After I saw the movie on Sunday, I bought the next book in the series, New Moon. I am almost 200 pages into that and hope to crank it out in the next couple days. Luckily there are two more books in the series already waiting for me. It's kind of fun to have this little reading obsession for a while. The urge to fly through books is one that only happens in spurts for me, so I am going to relish it while it lasts!


MLB said...

I'm a sucker for this genre as well but there was something I could never get over with Twilight. How is it remotely okay for a 105 year old man (no matter how attractive he is) to date a 16 year old girl? I. Just. Couldn't. Let. It. Go. :)

M said...

hee hee - Mike brought up the exact same point. He said something like, "Isn't he a little old for her?" For me, the hotness makes it okay :p

Mrs. B said...

I've got all 4 of 'em. Finished New Moon. I have other books to read so I will wait for Eclipse.
Guess I gotta go see the movie. The Kid (who has seen it 10 times already) says she will go with me!

I wonder if her "adult" book (The Host) is as good?

As for the "age" thing, technically he isn't 100 or something years old because he's dead. And, he died at age 17 or 18...

M said...

I am also happy to report that I have only one chapter left of New Moon, and Mike is getting the third installment for me today. That means I actually made it through the second book faster than the first.

I enjoyed the movie. If you hadn't read the book, I am sure the movie seems to go too fast and implausible. But after reading the book, it is kind of fun to see a good chunk of story played out.

Ellobie said...

Oh, M. You have redeemed me. Surely if you enjoy the books, it is ok for me to love them as well. :D I get MLB's comment, but Bella is an old-soul herself, so... that's how I rationalize it anyway.

And don't forget all the online extra's on Stephenie Meyer's website. :)