Finally, a holiday party!

As you read in my previous post about the incident surrounding the light decorated ficus in my office, you probably guessed that we don't have a holiday party. You are completely right in that. We have a kick off to the year party in January, but that's a ways off. In the meantime, it's just work as usual. Although I have found out that several teams around the office are having year end holiday dinners, etc. Why doesn't my team??? Anyway. Beyond Tim and Christy's holiday party a couple weeks ago, I have been to no other holiday parties. Which is a bummer. Cause I am a fan of both the holidays AND parties. Put them together, and BAM, guaranteed good time. Luckily this evening presents an opportunity for a holiday party! And YOU are invited, too!

The James Joyce is having a holiday party tonight. It's private from 8-10pm (just regulars and staff - yes, I am a regular :p ), but it opens up to the public at 10pm. If you are in Durham and looking for a good time, come on out!!!!

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Mrs. B said...

The guy that used to own the Joyce has a new Irish pub over by our house called Trali. We've been there several times now. Not exactly the same par-tay Joyce atmo but a great place all the same. Great beers on draft and not just Irish/English. Good food, too.
You should check it out sometime!
It's across the road from Brier Creek.