When times are tight, that's when people need help the most. And often the people that need the most help are kiddos. If you have a stash of kids' books around (grades K-12) - fiction, nonfiction, instructional, etc., consider donating them to my friends' Jeff and King's book drive - 500 Books. Below are some details on the book drive including where you can drop off books as well as a 20% off coupon to the Regulator Bookshop in Durham to purchase a new book for this cause. (click the photo to see the details larger). I am doing my part by collecting books at work. I e-mailed everyone in the Durham office of Self-Help and asked that they put their donations in a crate outside my office. I am thrilled to report there are over 25 books in the crate already! New books, used books - we just need books books books. Equal resources=equal potential.
Sidenote: I love Jeff's comic avatar in the ad. It really looks like him :-) King on the other hand, I have never seen wearing a crown.........................................

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