Ridiculous Addictions: Facebook Wrestler

I have NO idea why I keep playing this silly little game. Really. I was invited to the Facebook Wrestler application several months ago by some of the Duke Poli Sci guys. Mike joined, Brendan joined, and hell, even a certain gubernatorial candidate joined. I thought, "Sure, why not." In the beginning I was doing terrible. Okay, so "doing" is a bad word to use. You don't really DO anything. You select moves, train on the moves, buy new moves, then just randomly pick a move in a fight. You just hope your opponent hasn't blocked your move or trained their defenses so high that your move fails. It's very silly.

Some folks are WAY into it - tag team matches, stables, elaborate plotlines, etc. Me, I just do the matches. I have become good enough to claim the Duke title 3 times, and I am working my way up the RDU rankings. Why do I even care? I have NO idea. Way back when my ex and I were first dating in College Station, he used to do an online wrestling league with some friends. They put together these elaborate html wrestling matches, and they put a lot of thought and creativity into it. I did not get it AT ALL. But now, I think I do get it a bit more. And my silly wrestling league isn't even half as involved as theirs was. But there is a certain fun-ness to the smack talk and crazy outfits.

Oh well. Silly vices we all have, yes? (was that too Yoda like?)

But if you're looking for something to do, or if you want to get the crap smacked out of you (online of course) by the three time Duke Facebook Wrestling Champion, challenge me to a match........

My Facebook Wrestler Avatar
"Madam Pillow Pants"

UPDATE: Make that FOUR time Duke Facebook Wrestling Champion.

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Jeff G Deutsch said...

Ack, how can you live with yourself having a negative win-loss record?

That should be your new goal ;)