It's official.

Mike has accepted an offer. Next year, we will be off to............

Mike and I are both thrilled. He gets to teach at a small, selective liberal arts college, and I am thrilled with the location. Denison University is located in Granville, Ohio, just outside of Columbus. Columbus is the 15th largest city in the country, and it has a lot to offer. Between the numerous universities and financial institutions, I should be able to find an exciting place to work myself.

I haven't yet made the official announcement at work, so if I do work with you and you read this - just let me know. All my higher ups know it is only a matter of time, and I hesitated posting our news here so the wrong folks don't find out in the wrong manner. But we are so excited, I just couldn't help it.

We won't be making the move for a while. I promised Self-Help a two year stint, and I am sticking to that as closely as possible. Plus, Mike still has to finish the dissertation, defend and graduate. We won't look to leave Durham until all those academic things are taken care of. I am just so proud of him. The academic job market is super tough, and even moreso this year due to the financial restraints placed on so many institutions of higher learning. But I knew that Mike would excel, and he did. A tenure track position in hand before Thanksgiving at just the kind of school we wanted to end up with.

I'll keep you all posted as we move forward. House hunting, visiting the city, selling off a ton of our stuff - there will be a lot of activity in our household over the next several months!!!

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Mrs. B said...

I love Columbus! I've been there a few times (the downtown area). Mark and I were there last year '07 and stayed over night downtown and found a great Irish pub.
I hope that you'll be very happy there, M!