Restaurant Review: Grayson's Cafe

Grayson's Cafe
2300 Chapel Hill Rd
Durham, NC 27707
(919) 403-9220

Saturday morning I decided that the normal weekend breakfast of peanut butter and jelly toast was just not going to cut it for me this weekend. I needed something hearty and warm. It was rainy (albeit a bit muggy) outside, and I wanted a real breakfast. I looked at Mike and said, "Want to go to Grayson's?" Grayson's Cafe is on Chapel Hill Road in Durham. Before Mike and I lived together, I passed it each and every time I drive to his house from mine. And each time I went by I thought, "I should eat there some day." I had read good things about it from Carpe Durham and other online reviews, so I figured it would be yummy. And boy was I right!!

On Saturday morning at about 10am, the restaurant had about 5 tables full. The rest of the restaurant was empty. I'm hoping this was because most of the town decided to get up and moving far before 10am, unlike my husband and me. We sat down at a quaint table near the back wall and were instantly greeted by a very friendly young woman who took our drink orders. Within a few moments, an older woman who looked a bit exhausted (also making me think we had just missed the morning rush), came and took our orders. The menu was great for breakfast - omelets, breakfast platters, a la carte items. I decided on the Vegetarian Omelet, but coming in a close second was the Spanish Omelet. Mike opted for the "Girl I'm Hungry Breakfast", the smaller partner to the "Boy I'm Hungry Breakfast". Don't let the names fool you - you have to be pretty darn hungry to make it through either!

When the food was delivered to the table, we were both in awe of our plates. My omelet was beautiful. Fluffy and chock full of veggies. Tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, onion, spinach (fresh, not frozen), cheddar cheese - oh my! Just beautiful to see and even better to eat. I also had a size of the potato pancakes, which I didn't love but eventually grew on me, and some wheat toast. Mike's platter consisted of country ham, potato pancakes, two fried eggs, a biscuit and a pancake. The biscuit ended up coming home with us.

The omelets seem like they are a sure bet. Fresh ingredients and beautifully made. The pancakes were good - not stellar, but good. I look forward to going back and trying new items soon! And the prices could not be beat. As Carpe Durham pointed out, I like this place a lot more than Elmo's, and the cost is lower with less crowding in the restaurant. Two thumbs up for Grayson's!


Luc Perkins said...

i have to second your endorsement, big time. way better than elmo's and never crowded. why elmo's is always so crowded on weekends i will never understand...i would chalk it up to an only-game-in-town-perception, which is fine because i'd like to keep grayson's to myself! one recommendation: don't take the biscuit home next time. eat it right then and there when it's warm and fresh. might be the best biscuit i've ever had in my life.

Liv said...
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Liv said...

I love me some Grayson's! Glad you enjoyed it!