The hunt is on

Hi, all - Not too much to report here. Well, there is and there isn't. I've been hard at work trying to close my first two loans as loan officer, and I am learning that 1) when you think something is simple, it never is and 2) when you think a loan will close, delay that twice, change the terms, and then think about closing. The ups and downs of real estate are just crazy.

In other news, the academic job market is heating up. Schools are making calls and asking questions. Mike has already flown out to one location and has another fly out scheduled the first week of November. He's had another phone interview and heard rumors of short lists at other places. It will still be a while before we know which way is up, but if things continue as they have been, we may have a good chance at knowing where we will be in a year!

I don't mention the schools here by name because the academics fighting for these jobs sometimes resort to the behaviors of children to disrupt the process. I can tell you all about further down the line, and once we have some definites in place, I will pass that on as well.

Here's to a nice fall weekend!

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