A weekend of great food

Mike and I are finally back to cooking. My friend Rod pointed out as I was finishing up grad school, "You never talk about cooking anymore. You used to always talk about some new dish you made." And it was true. The last 6 months of the Masters was taxing, and the cool meals stopped. Mike was hard at work on papers, I was trying to finish my final project, and our meals turned rather normal. That or we ate out. But with school long behind me now and evenings that are a bit more open, I am back to cooking. And luckily this weekend, Mike cooked, too. If I may say so myself, between the two of us, we can make some yummy food.

A trip to the Farmers Market on Saturday morning set us out on the right foot. Fresh peppers, spaghetti squash, eggplant, tomatoes, oh my goodness. What a wonderful bounty. We got some amazingly beautiful produce this weekend, along with a dozen brown farm fresh eggs. Fantastic. That evening I was inspired to bake, so I made some pizza dough. Mike and I each made our own pizzas. I tried a new dough recipe this time around, and it came out well - a bit fluffier than Mike or I really wanted, but it was still yummy. On Sunday, after reading through the newest Vegetarian Times, Mike was inspired to make risotto. He had already decided to make fresh salsa from all the peppers we bought at the market, so there was some cooking to do!

The kitchen was a hub of activity last night. Between roasting peppers, preparing the ingredients for the risotto, and prepping the salsa, we were busy (Mike especially). But by the end of the evening, Mike had produced an amazing roasted corn, mushroom and spinach risotto, fresh salsa, and I even contributed some fresh guacamole. A weird combo maybe, but we ate a lot of veggies last night!!!

Yay for the return of cooking!

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