Mad Props for the DMV

This morning, I went to the DMV to change the name on my license and to also take care of that little expiration problem a Durham police officer pointed out to me after my car was broken into. At 8:30am I had an appointment with the body shop to take care of the damages inside my car from the break-in. I realized after closer inspection that the thieves broke my passenger side inner door handle, the weatherproofing on the door, the backseat upholstery was torn, and the passenger side back door was damaged from the bouncing brick. The estimate came to about $800 some odd dollars, bringing the full damages and loss to about $1300. Thanks, jerks.

Anyway, since I told the folks at work I was going to be a little late, I decided to make the run to the DMV and take care of the license issue. I went to the DMV Driver's License office off MLK Blvd near Kroger in Durham. Let me tell you, folks, that is the nicest DMV office you will ever deal with - I promise. You are greeted by friendly staff and served by friendly staff. I was there at 9am, received a number for the "line", and as my rear hit the chair, my number was called. The whole process took less than ten minutes.

I was so amazed and so pleased that I actually went to the DMV website, found the comments section, and wrote a quick letter telling me how awesome my experience was today. Hopefully the staff there will get a pat on the back. And for those of you locals, if you need a plesant trip to the DMV, try the MLK branch. I bet you'll like it!

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