Crappy Photo - Great Show

Just a quick note that the Los Lonely Boys show was fantastic. Although the crowd wasn't very large, those that were there were beyond excited. I had several patrons actually ask, "How did you get them here? They are fantastic!"

The songs from their new album were really wonderful, and the live show is great for the guitar riffs. On certain songs, I felt the tempo dragged a bit, but the musicality was excellent. Overall, great show and I would highly recommend seeing the LLB live.

I also have to say that the Garcia brothers were wonderful to the fans. There was a mom with three little girls in the front row of the pit, and the little girls made signs, etc. They were beyond excited. Once the show started, the girls held up their signs, and the band made thumbs up gestures, smiled, and then they played to those beaming little girls all evening. I know they just made the night for those kiddos. They threw pics to the crowd, shook hands, and amazingly enough, the band allowed photography and video at the concert. After working at the Carolina for several years, I can tell you this is a rarity. People snapped photos all evening, and you could tell the band loved it all.

Here's my one crappy photo from the night!

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