Thank you, Scout!

Mike and I are parents to three kitties - Scout, Buddy and Allie. The three do not get along. Well, Buddy and Scout do (as evidenced by the photo below), but no one gets along with Allie except for the people living in our house. Due to this permanent animosity, Scout resides in our bedroom 99.9% of the time - until now that is. Some sort of confidence has overtaken our all white warrior, and he is now coming downstairs, walking on the floor, and even going room to room. It is an amazing transformation.

Scout (L) and Buddy (R) in a snuggle

With that being said, Scout's new found freedom while wonderful for him, has added a whole new level of kitty antics to deal with for us. For example, Scout LOVES to hug the small Ikea lamp next to my bed; ramming his head into the lamp and causing it to make a loud "thunk" on the nightstand is a sure fire way to wake me up and deliver him to the litter box. After that, it's back to the bed to walk around for a bit, snuggle and purr as loudly as possible. If he is feeling antsy, like he has been here lately, the purring is very loud, the patting on the face and arms becomes consistent, and the banging of the lamp continues for fun rather than for purpose of signaling a need to go to the kitty loo.

This morning was one such morning. Coupled with his brother Buddy's persistent meows for food at 5:30am, I was up and awake. I attempted to go back to sleep, but after 30 minutes of near earth shaking purring coupled with my mind rolling wedding "to-do's" back and forth, it was a hopeless cause to go back to sleep. Therefore, I decided to make use of the time, get up, put on some workout clothes and go for a run. It was actually chilly when I left the house and entered the morning outside. By the time I walked out of the neighborhood and hit my run's starting point, I was feeling pretty comfy. I got in a mile and a half run, but the hills were too much - so I did a nice powerwalk for the next mile or so. I got back to the house 45 minutes later and decided I would rest my eyes for a few minutes. TERRIBLE idea. I have felt sleepy nearly all day now. It was great to get my workout out of the way first thing this morning, but yikes - it sure did make my day go kind of funky.

Anyway, thanks, Scout, for the valuable lesson in why I do not exercise in the morning :-)

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