I love my city

Today at lunch, I needed to run an errand. I had a check to drop off to Duke Tower for the wedding, so I thought, "Hey, I will walk over there and just hand deliver the check. I can get some exercise and check something off my to-do list." So, I headed out to the Towers which is about .75 from the office (I assume). I walk through downtown, help someone get to the bus stop, and I continue my walk past the ever cool West Village, the Durham School of the Arts, past the awesome loft condos and apartments in all the mill buildings, then to Duke Towers. It was a warm walk, but I enjoyed seeing my city by foot.

Dropped off the check, then back to the office - to keep the walk interesting I took a different route back to the office. I traveled past the new Trinity Lofts, a random handbag store, the old Durham Ball Park, the Farmers Market and then back into downtown. Today was rather warm, so I ended up sweating through my shirt and changing into my gym shirt when I got back to the office.

Anyway - it was just a great walk. I love living in Durham, and I know I am at the point where I will have to leave Durham behind soon enough. It always seems that once I feel completely settled, know my way around and have a good network in a city - it's time to go. But that's okay. It's how I get to learn about new places, meet new people and grow and change myself. Mike is on the academic job market right after the wedding, so it is only a matter of time until we say goodbye to Durham. But until then, I am going to keep taking walks and keep showing my city and its people some love.

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