My internet friends

In the excitement of everything wedding, one of the most exciting things is receiving RSVP cards. I love running to the mail everyday to see if one of those little response cards is sitting in the mailbox. It always stings a bit when you get a "no" from someone you surely thought would be there, but the reality is that travel costs are beyond high, and scheduling busy people is often like herding cats. The point of this ramble is that there are three people attending the wedding who have a very special place in my life.

My internet pals
From L to R: Becky, me, Laura and Darrah

I met Darrah, Becky and Laura online, way back in 2001, I believe. At the time, I had just moved to North Carolina and knew hardly anyone. Therefore, I spent a fair amount of time online to keep myself busy. Another friend, Marissa, introduced me to the idea of "chat boards," which at the time, I knew nothing about. Marissa invited me to join a wedding chat board, at which time I was not even planning a wedding, but in that place on the interwebs I met some people that I can proudly call some of my best friends.

I have chatted with Darrah, Becky and Laura almost every work day since 2001. We greet each other over e-mail every morning, and the e-mails continue all day sometimes. When someone is sick, they try to let the others know; when someone has a crazy story, they always share. We have also been there for each other through some amazing life events. Weddings (well, one), divorce (again, one), births (um, okay - just one), breakups (probably a few), hookups (also a few :p ) - all of it. I guess in a way it's a calmer version of our own online "SATC" - just spread throughout the country. Darrah is in Kansas, Laura is in Chicago, and Becky is in St. Paul. Even with the distance, it still seems like they are close.

I only met these awesome folks in person for the first time back in 2005. We had an amazing get together in Chicago - Laura served as host, and we all spent the weekend in the city. We hit bars,a beer festival and restaurants. We vegged, we laughed, and boy did we drink. It was probably the best girls weekend I have ever had. After that, I have been able to see Laura a couple of additional times - once while I was in Chicago and once while she was passing though Durham. Unfortunately, I haven't seen Darrah and Becky since that girls weekend, but like I said - we talk every day.

That is why I am beyond excited that Darrah, Becky and Laura will all be traveling here to attend the wedding. It will be so great to have them here, and it will also be awesome to introduce them to the people in my life here in NC and all the others that are coming in for the wedding. Their every day presence in my life has been so influential in who I am as a person. When I whine, they let me know. When I sell myself short, they let me know. When I just need to vent, they listen. They are a constant in what so often can be a crazy and hectic life - especially during periods where I was in total personal turmoil. These three women were a foundation for me keeping my sanity.

Although I have three amazing bridesmaids here in Durham I hope that Becky, Darrah and Laura all know that they play just important of a role, and they have for many many years. Thank you, ladies, for being so wonderful, and I cannot wait to see you in August.


Anonymous said...

Awwwwww!!! You are too sweet. :)

(My goal for your wedding weekend is to take a non-dorky picture.)


Anonymous said...

That is awesome! I have a few Facebook friendships with people whom I have never met IRL. But they feel like true friends, and I guess they are!

rebecca said...

That was beautiful. You rock! :)

Awesome cropping job, by the way. ;)


Ellobie said...

Awwwwwwww! Michelle, you are so sweet. And I ditto your comment, D. :S

Thanks for the holla and I know you know I know you know that you do the same - check us, encourage us, inspire us and love us. :) Smooches!