I know, I know....

...this post will again be subpar. I've got too much going on and too little time to discuss it all. But here's a quick rundown:

1) The visit with Mom was fantastic. I got a beautiful wedding dress this weekend - yay! And unfortunately, I will not be posting photos as a) my future husband sometimes reads the blog and b) I need to work on my upper body a bit before I am happy with plastering the web with dress photos. So, there. But let's just say that my bridesmaids all adore the dress and my Mom cried when she saw me in the thing. We're golden. Beyond the dress, Mom enjoyed seeing all the venues, meeting Ms. Meredith (who she had not met before), and spending quality time with the Bradys. A great trip - productive and fun.

2) Bridesmaid dresses are a different beast altogether - we are still figuring that one out.

3) I just found out today that my project adviser is happy enough with the project at this stage to allow me to continue working on it for a completion this semester. So, looks like I will be graduating this May! SWEET. I won't count ALL my chickens before the eggs hatch, as things *could* change, but right now it looks pretty good...

4) St. Paddy's Day + the James Joyce = awesome.

5) Beerfest tickets are $40 this year. FORTY DOLLARS. I'll pay it, but damn, I am NOT happy about it. Tickets go on sale next week.

6) Jimmy Buffet is playing in Raleigh this summer. FANTASTIC! WOO! I have been waiting for this for a while.

7) We get to go to New Orleans for a wedding this May. Also very awesome - two very cool friends getting hitched AND it's in an awesome city.

8) Cookie has my old job - and she leaves for South Africa next week. I am SO very excited for her!

That's it for now folks - I have to run!

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