PSA: Don't drink and skate

Last night, Mike and I, along with our out of town visitors Phoebe, Coddy and Ed, went to a birthday party for our good friend Jeff. Jeff, along his buddy King, often throw massive parties around Durham. Last night's festivities were in honor of Jeff's birthday, along with a few girls who I don't know. Anyway, here's the kicker. The party was at a roller skating rink. And the party was BYOB. You read that right - drinking and rollerskating. Let's just say that today I hurt. I took two big spills near the end of the evening. I may have cracked my tailbone (oh it hurts), and I have a bruise on my left wrist that is about 2.5 inches long and an inch wide. From what I have heard from a few others, they are a bit sore today, too. Take a bunch of people in their late twenties, put them on skates, and tell them they can bring their own alcohol. Only from the party mavens Jeff and King. But it was awesome. Absolutely awesome. Everyone looked so happy - it was a chance to be a grown up and a kid at the same time. Going around that rink at full speed was absolutely liberating. But hitting the puddle of Bud Light going around the corner then busting your ass was not so wonderful.

The whole point of this: drinking and skating may be fun at the time, but the next day, you will regret your actions, kids :-)

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Ellobie said...

Sounds like danger fun! :D We had a girls night out at a roller rink a couple years ago but no liquor involved.