A Quick Update

Hello, everyone! Sorry it has been a while since I have posted any text, but the holidays provided a lot of time away from the computer, and since returning, there has been lots of work to do. Here's the quick rundown on the past few weeks:

I got sick around December 19 and ended up spending half days out of work the Thursday and Friday before Mike and I left for Tampa. I got a serious cold/flu bug that really knocked me out for the count. Mike and I still headed down to Tampa on Saturday, and unfortunately for Mike, he ended up doing all the driving on the way down since I was still feeling puny. We made the trip in about 12 hours - traffic was terrible between the SC and GA border, so we ended up in a parking lot for a while.

We had an enjoyable stay in Florida. The weather was nice and warm, and I am assuming it helped me in my healing. Christmas day was very nice - Santa was very gracious to Mike, Mama Brady and myself. I got some perfume (Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise), some cool clothes (a fuzzy sweater and a velour track suit), as well as lots and lots of books (school and fun), gift cards and holiday decorations. Let's just say the car was probably more full on the way back to Durham than it was going to Florida. I missed being with my Mom and Dads, but it was also very nice to spend Christmas with Mike. It was difficult being away from him last year, and the year before I made the stupid decision to spend Christmas by myself in North Carolina (never again - I felt like it was some sort of price I needed to pay for separating from the ex - let me tell ya, Christmas by yourself in that circumstance was the loneliest feeling I have ever had....anyway).

We left Florida the morning of Friday, Dec 28 and headed to Atlanta to spend some time with Ed, Amy and Owen. I am so glad we decided to make this side trip. Mike and I had a wonderful time playing with Owen, and I think he enjoyed his time with "Uncle Mike and Aunt Michelle." It was also just as wonderful to spend quality time with Ed and Amy - chatting about the past and the exciting future (the arrival of the next Baby Grega!). We left with heavy hearts on Saturday morning, but we were soon cheered by a visit to Ikea. Mike and I managed to fill up the rest of the remaining space in the car with our Ikea finds, and we made the trip back to Durham.

Upon our arrival in Durham, we found that the kitties were VERY mad at us, and Scout had begun to use our bed as his personal litterbox. LOVELY. Luckily, everything was washed and repaired, but we learned one heck of a lesson on that one. It was back to work for the both of us on Monday, but luckily we had Kyle's awesome NYE party to look forward to (see the last post for pictures from that event). We had a great (and late) time at the party, getting home well into 2008 - about 4 hours into the New Year! January 1 was spent in recovery, and Mike and I both finished the work week.

Wrapping up this week was planning benchmarks for my Masters project. I have to have my final unbound draft turned in no later than April 8, 2008, and my exit interview is scheduled for April 18, 2008. That means I have about 13 weeks to crank out my Masters project. YIKES. That is scary. Hence, this weekend will be spent rearranging my office to be in the best shape possible for writing. From here on out, Sundays are dedicated to school. School and laundry. Trust me, that's not the ONLY day I will be working on the paper, but that will be the big chunk weekly that I will sit down to really crank some stuff out. Wish me luck.

That's it for now, folks. More photos from the trip coming soon - promise!

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