It's beautiful

What's beautiful? Life. Today, Mike and I celebrate our two year anniversary of being together. It is an exciting day to think about the future and to reflect on all the memories. It has been a wonderful two years. Sometimes it seems like we have always been together, but every once in a while, when I learn something new about Mike, it reminds me that we are still very early into our relationship. As we celebrate 2 years today, I can't help but think about the many more years we have begun planning as well.

Also, you know what else is beautiful? This is:

photo courtesy of Grimball Jewelers
(they took this photo for us this weekend to do the appraisal)

Gorgeous. He picked such a "Michelle" ring. It is me all the way around. I don't just love it, I adore it. I can't stop looking at it. The great thing is that he can't stop looking at it either. It stands for so much and it gets us both so very excited!!! Stay tuned, folks, the planning is already in progress...


B said...

How many "carrots" for the bunny?

M said...

Actually, I have no idea! I didn't ask, and it really doesn't matter to me. I just love that I love it! (I wouldn't have done the appraisal either except that the jeweler strongly suggested us doing it for insurance purposes - so, okay!)