Guess what??

I have debated posting this here, as there are so many people I want to share this news with in person - so so so many people - which is proving to be quite overwhelming. So, I am going to say it here, and I promise, I can't wait to tell everyone I know in person!!!

We're engaged!!! Mike proposed on Tuesday evening, and I happily, graciously and bubbly accepted!

The moment of acceptance!

The story is such: Mike and I play trivia at the James Joyce every Tuesday, less one of us is ill or we are out of town. We have been playing for the duration of our relationship, and we can gladly claim that we now bring with us each week anywhere from 6-12 additional folks that are now trivia regulars themselves. It's a great way to spend each Tuesday evening.

This Tuesday, we went to trivia like normal, and we had a big group there - two full teams worth (12 people) plus all of our other friends who were playing on other teams. We go through trivia - nothing is amiss. Until the bonus question. At that point, Kyle says over the mic, "Friends, we have a special guest for the bonus question this evening. Mr. Mike Brady, will you please take the mic?" So Mike grabs the mic and says wonderful beautiful things to me over the microphone (hardly any of which I can remember because I was in shock), and he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I flung my arms in the air and exclaimed, "Yes, of course!!!" The bar went crazy - applause, tears, hugs and shouts of joy. It was wonderful and beautiful, and it was made doubly fantastic that we were able to share that moment with so many of our close friends. It was a beautiful moment. Since so many people were there, we got to have instant engagement party. Thanks to Jason and the James Joyce, we had champagne and a great time. We didn't win trivia, but I think won the best thing in the world - the $75 bar tab can wait :-)

More soon on the developments....


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and best wishes!

Just give me a date and I'm there. ;)


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