Back from Vacation - Part I: Sea Trail

UPDATE: I mailed a letter to the resort on July 23 - when I came into work this morning, there was a message on my office phone from the property manager of Sea Trail - they got the letter! She is out of the office today, but I will leave here a message and probably talk to her next week.

Today is DAY ONE back at work after a very brief vacation - Mike and I, as stated before, headed off to Sunset Beach, NC for a long weekend. We went out there on Friday and came back Sunday evening. I had a great time because I was with Mike, but I will rant on about some of the reasons it could have been better now - more of the "fun" stuff later (I need to get all my pics uploaded!).

The main disappointment was the Sea Trail Resort. Okay, so, it is primarily a golf resort, but the experience was lacking in one big area - customer service. First, we had problems checking in. We were told twice that our room wasn't ready, which is a big pain. Next, all the info we were given about the resort was a map at check in when the lady said, "Here is where you are now - here is where you need to go." Thanks. Evidently there were a couple of restaurants on site, but they weren't even mentioned to us. We were also not informed of a shuttle service which would take you to the beach or around the resort. There was no book of information in the room, so we couldn't even read about it later. The only reason I even know these services exist is because I saw one of the restaurants and heard someone talking about it at the pool, and I overheard another desk lady taking a shuttle reservation from a guest at the front desk.

We paid $107 a night for the room - which, yes, is pretty cheap, but it was merely a ROOM. Really tiny, only one pillow per person on the bed, and I think the cleaning people were using mildewy water to mop the floor in the very small bathroom. This place also operates on a time share system as well, and I can't even imagine someone owning one of these rooms.

The pool area was nice (but the water was a bit gunky). The proximity to the beach was only a few minutes, so that was rather handy. But, I think next time if we head out that way, we will look for something else. I don't really recommend Sea Trail unless you are a wealthy golfer - then, I expect you will get a very different level of customer service.

Next, the high points of the trip ......

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