It's been a busy week, and it will be an even busier weekend....

Sorry I haven't posted much in the past few days. Mama Brady stayed with us for almost a week, and she headed off with her friend Peg on Wednesday. For Mike and I, that seemed like the start of a very busy week from that point on out. Wednesday I had class (which was great), Thursday was the last girls night for a while with Jill and Meredith, as Jill and hubby Carlos move off to Chicago next week. After that, I celebrated with Cookie on her acceptance into the MALS program. That means the Cookie Monster is now officially a Duke grad student. yay!! Tonight is Jill and Carlos's big going away bash, which should be great. Saturday is the Michael Jackson/Prince party hosted by Jeff and Kind, and Sunday will be dedicated to house cleaning and school work (and probably some long naps).

I know that was terribly interesting, but folks, that's all I have in me after such a busy week!!!!

There may be some new career info ahead in the next few days if everyone keeps their fingers crossed for me. I will tell you more once I know more!!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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