No Carolina Theatre for the Summer :(

Carolina takes time-out to revamp

News & Observer, 27 May 2007

Durham's art-house movie lovers will have to venture

to Raleigh, Cary and Chapel Hill this summer for

independent and foreign films.

On Thursday, Carolina Theatre will shut down its

upstairs twin cinemas for maintenance and construction

upgrades. Fletcher Hall downstairs will follow suit

after comedian Steven Wright's June 6 performance and

a dance recital, June 9.

The construction work in the city-owned building

includes roofing repairs, heating and air conditioning

upgrades, mechanical work, and electrical and plumbing

modifications. The administrative offices and box

office will remain open.

The Carolina assures us that all the cinemas will be

open for business Aug. 3, plenty of time to get ready

for the annual N.C. Gay and Lesbian Film Festival,

which this year is running Aug. 23-26.

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