College Station

A very good friend of mine will be spending two months in College Station, home of Texas A&M University, my alma mater. Melissa will be coordinating TIP Programs there, and she heads to Texas on Thursday. In honor of her visit, I put together a short list of items to keep in mind for her journey, and some suggestions on good eats. Here you go, Melissa, and enjoy!

Michelle’s Tips for College Station

1) Don’t walk on the grass around the MSC (Memorial Student Center). http://www.msc.tamu.edu/

2) If you are wearing a hat, take it off before you step foot in the MSC.

3) Go hang out in the Flag Room in the MSC (the living room of campus) – it is one of the main reasons I chose to attend TAMU!

4) Take a dip in Rudder Foundation – at night, preferably. http://scheduling.tamu.edu/images/rudfountain.jpg

5) Leave a penny at the foot of the Sul Ross statue in front of the Academic Building. This gesture will provide you excellent academic luck. http://www.aggiemoms.org/pages/traditions/images/sully_big.jpg

6) Go have cheese fries and a glass of sangria at the Dixie Chicken. http://www.dixiechicken.com/

7) Try the Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich at Fitzwilly’s. (with fries and gravy – only $4.69) http://fitzwillysbar.com/index.htm

8) Have a burrito at Freebirds in Northgate. http://www.freebirds.com

9) Order a chugger of beer in Duddley’s Draw and get a “Big Benny” sandwich. If Craig is working the bar or Earl is in the kitchen, tell them Michelle says hello. http://fitzwillysbar.com/duddleys/indexmain.htm

10) Say HOWDY to everyone.

11) Go to Research Park at night and feed the catfish.

12) Get some tortillas and cheese dip at Taco Cabana if you have the late night munchies. http://www.tacocabana.com/index.asp

13) Whataburger with Cheese. (and yes, I know this is coming from a vegetarian) http://www.whataburger.com/

14) Go two stepping at Hurricane Harry’s. http://www.bcsclubs.com/Harrys/index.html

15) Gig ‘em, Ags!

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:) Great list!