Here I am, Cape Town yet again. It is 7:30pm USEST and it is about 2:30 am in South Africa. And I'm wide awake. yay. I just took 2 Tylenol PMs, and hopefully they will kick in soon.

The trip went well though - one close call on making my connecting flight to Cape Town, but I rushed up as they were finishing boarding. This will be my shortest trip to South Africa yet. I am here for a whopping 9 days total - and that is with two days of travel on each side. This time next week, I will be about 15 hours from home :)

I am here for a three day forum on civil society that will run from Friday through Sunday. I do prep work in between now and then. The Monday after, I fly home. Crazy whirlwind trip, but it is lots of frequent flyer miles :-)

I will hopefully have some cool pics to post in the next day or so. My camera took a bit of a beating on the trip over, but photos seem to be coming out fine. So, wait on the edge of your seats! I should have some lovely Cape Town beauty to post soon.

Okay, I am hopefully going to fall asleep soon. Ciao!

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