Not much to report

Hi, all - and sorry I haven't posted much here lately. Truth is, there isn't much to report. Final projects are due this week, so that is what most of the weekend has been dedicated to. I have one due tomorrow and one due on Wednesday. Then we finish up on Friday! crazy. I am sure the week will fly by.

The one thing to report though is that I may have a possible change in flight plans, if all works well. I have waitlisted myself with the airline to try and come home without going to Amsterdam. Yes, I know, "Why on earth would you not go????" But the truth is, I am very very homesick. I miss my house, I miss my friends, i miss my kitties, I miss my life to be totally honest. (And of course, I miss Mike terribly)

I know I want to see the world, but I have really figured out that I don't want to see it alone anymore. I want to see it with someone else - whether that be my partner, my friends, my family - I think this about does it on my solo world travels. It just isn't the same without being able to share it with someone else.

SO - I am supposed to call the airline each day to see if a spot has opened up. it is highly unlikely that it actually will, for it is the height of US folks heading to and from Europe. But just in case some individual decides they just don't want to go home, maybe i will be able to. Give me all the crap you want, but I am admitting it - I'm a sap for home. And I am ready to come back...

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hjumama@aol.com said...

MICHELLE---you dont know me-I went to school with your Dad--good man !! we keep in contact via Email.
He gave me your blog and Ive enjoyed reading it,,GOOD JOB .
I left home too for 13 years (with teenage kids) single parent.
I STAYED HOMESICK--but found MYSELF. Came back home and Never regretted it, THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME----and there is nothing better then the REAL love , family and long time friends share.