Just an update

Hi, everyone! First, I want to say thanks for all the messages I have received in support of my going home early. I thought I would get a lot of crap for it, but you have all been so wonderful. So, thank you :-)

Here, I am hard at work on my final projects. As soon as I finish with this post, I will walk over to the office and turn in one of my projects - a final portfolio of poems. It includes the two I have posted on here, as well as three others I have composed. This will complete my graded work for the "Writing Lives" class. In my Literary Criticism class, I have my analytical paper completely drafted, but I have another day available to me to touch it up. I ended up critiquing a poem of Ted Hughes' called "The Thought Fox". It turned out to be a bit more fun to me than trying to critique prose. Who would have thought I would be enjoying poetry so much??

I realize I haven't posted any pics in a while, and I figured the funniest one to post would be our "Heroes" party last week. One of my professors hosted a party in which we were supposed to come dressed as a hero - literary or otherwise. I decided I was going to use only what was in my room, so I had to get creative. I went as Ernest Hemingway. HA!

Me, as Ernest Hemingway. Bottle of wine and six toed cat in my company....


Ms. Obsessed said...

Dang...that is creepy!!

M said...

I think you meant "Wow, what a great costume Michelle! i didn't even realize that was you!!!"

Hopefully you weren't thinking - hey, Michelle makes kind of a hot old dude.

Ms. Obsessed said...

Yes, I definitely meant the former, not the latter. I meant "creepy" as in "uncanny," not ACK! ;)