Hey, all! Here is the update and my plan of action.

I will actually be staying in Exeter, in my current room. I have cancelled my trip to Amsterdam and will just hang out here in safe little Oxford until I can get a flight home. I am calling the airline tonight after class and am just trying to get on the earliest flight out of London as possible. From what i have been told, the rate here at Exeter is rather manageable, like $85 a night. If I get stuck here for several days, I will just take day trips to Bath, to Stonehenge, etc. It shouldn't be that bad. i feel a lot better about the situation, so hopefully this plan works out okay. If things change, I will let you know. Thank you all for the wonderful messages and for your concern. I am truly blessed!!!!

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rebeccajean said...

Sounds like a most excellent plan to me. Few things are better than a nice little oasis of security when there's scary stuff afoot....speaking of afoot, you could also take a train up to Liverpool. I did that - got lost walking around the city without a map, but that's what makes for an ADVENTURE! Woo! :)