The current situation

Just thought I would give everyone an update on what I am hoping to do in light of all the terrorism issues floating around right now. It is still up in the air if I will even be able to get to Amsterdam, as most flights out of the UK are being cancelled. Heathrow is closed and Gatwick may be soon. So, I may get stuck in London and scrounge to find a hotel. And I obviously have not been confirmed for a flight out from London on Saturday. That's all such a mess, I will not even try to get on standby on Saturday. If I don't get the call I am confirmed, I am staying clear of the airport.

But if everything goes as best as I can hope, here is what I would like to do:
Check out of Exeter on Saturday morning and head to my hotel booked in London. Stay in London Saturday night and fly to Amsterdam on Sunday as scheduled. Get waitlisted on Delta to head home from Amsterdam rather than from London.

Who knows what will happen though. But there will be hundreds, if not thousands of people in my same boat, so I will get it all figured out and be safe. And will get home soon.

Don't worry folks - all will work out fine...........


Ms. Obsessed said...

Thanks for the update. I've been thinking about your situation alot, obviously. Just keep us posted on how things work out and we'll keep hoping you get home soon, safely.

Cookie said...

Jesus, Mary, and Fucking Joseph!! You gotta be kidding me. I was just talking to Diana about taking a birthday trip to London and now I'm not so sure. I want you to be careful and tell everyone you are Canadian. Ha! You know I'm not a big fan of our nothern neighbors (fake Americans), but better safe than sorry!! Be careful and make sure you keep me updated on what's going on.

On a lighter note, how are you digging the cities of Oxford and London? London is one of my most favorite ciities in the entire world. Next time you will have to do Scotland. Actually we could do it together...kinda like our version of Beavis and Butthead Do America, only Michelle Belle and Cookieliscious Do Scotland booty-style! Ooooohhh Yeeaaahhhh!! Rollercoasta, of love, Rollercoasta, of luuuu uuuuv uuuvvv! Uuuhhhh oh! Now I gotta break-it-down in my seat!!!

Ozzfest didn't happen 'cause Lauren couldn't get away. Daaaaaaaaaammmmn Smokey!! I was little upset, but this too shall pass. I miss ya like the Dickens and I only have 2 more weeks to deal (as much as I willing to) with Jessie's judgmental bullshit and then; out damned spot! Out! So, you get your sweet buns back here safely and then spend your "quality-time" with Mr. Brady...and deeeennnnn ME! And deeeeennnn...No and DEN!! And deeeennnn...No and DEN!

HA! I heart ya,


Ellobie said...

Cookie cracks me up.

Moosh, you be safe and try to have fun at the same time! Get home when you get home, and see lots of stuff in the meantime.

If you are sad about not getting home right on time, remember these wise words:

What do the brokenhearted do? They buy shoes. - Mimi Pond