Lovely monday

Fantastic! It's Monday! YAY! I am in the office, sans air conditioning or e-mail access. BUT, I still have the internet, so all is not lost.

This weekend was a nice one. Friday was spent at the Durham Bulls Ballpark schmoozing with all the new and old MALS students. Enjoyed some good food, free beer and great company. Saturday night was yet another successful event held at Mike's house - a kick off the semester party for all the Political Science folks, and of course my little contingent of "must have's" at the party. There was a great turnout - at least 20-30 people. maybe more. The shindig finally wrapped up about 3am, and luckily, we decided to clean up that night rather than leave it for the morning. That was a great idea. Because Sunday was definitely needed to sleep in. I don't think I actually started the day until about 3pm.

But once I started the day, it turned into a very successful one! I got some chores done, did my grocery shopping, and I even made lasagna for the first time! It turned out very well. I found a basic spinach lasagna recipe on line and then spiced it up. I added in mushrooms, garlic and onions as well. Mike loved it, and I am so proud of it! I now know I too can make lasagna :)

That's about it here folks. This week is the start of classes, but I don't have my first one until Thursday. The more exciting part is that Mike actually teaches his first class at Duke on Tuesday. Woo hoo!

Ok, back to avoiding work :) Hope everyone is well!!!

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