In retrospect: Weekend Update

It is now Tuesday, and I believe I am well enough recovered from the weeked to actually stop and write about its happenings!!!


Saturday really began at about 1pm. We boarded the bus and headed to Stratford upon Avon. After our arrival, we were taken on a brief walking tour of the city by a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company (who will actually be performing in Love's Labours Lost for us next week). Once that was completed, we were on our own to wander. I actually wandered most of the city on my own, which made it very peaceful and undramatic!

The city itself was a joy to wander around. Rather small, there were inviting cafes, shops and sites along nearly every street in the middle of town. I visited the birthplace of Shakespeare:

I visted Holy Trinity Church, where both Shakespeare and his wife Anne are buried.

Shakespeare's grave

View of the church from the cemetary

I then wandered town until my feet were so exhausted I had to take a break. Luckily, this was near the "Dirty Duck", the most famous of pubs in Stratford. During rehersals for plays, you can often find the actors grabbing a pint after a long day. Too bad I couldn't have spent an extra few days!!!

It was then time to head into the theatre.

The Tempest was amazing. The production was a very unusual interpretation of the play - causing we first timers to love it and those who had seen it before to cry foul. At any rate, it was fantastic, Patrick Stewart was amazing, and the overall experience kept me in goosebumps for a decent chunk of the production.

We returned to Oxford by about midnight, where I promptly found my pillow. But it was up and away by 9:30 the next morning, as I was off to Winchester.


Only seven of use decided to take on this trip, which actually allowed it to be a very relaxing day. I ended up wandering the city with my friends Martha and Michael. We started the day by heading over to Winchester Cathedral.

We arrived just as 11:15am mass was beginning, so we decided to stay. I think that mas my first mass in probably 10 years. And it was definitely my first high Anglican mass. Once we had suffered through our confessions and repentance, we wandered the cathedral, looking at the various monuments and tombs. This classic photo has been entitled "Martha, Michelle and Jesus." (if I lighten the photo, you can see the big crucifix hanging in the background - but you will just have to imagine)

One person buried in the church is Jane Austen - and I am seen here smiling in front of her grave. What an odd sort of picture you take at a grave. Are you really supposed to smile???

After our church visit, we headed off in search of King Arthur's Round Table. I had to take a picture in this very pose, as it is totally expected by some (ahem, Mike). So here is me, in classic Michelle form, goofing off in Winchester Castle, showing off King Arthur's Round Table.

By this point, it was after 2pm and we were starving. Found a local pub, had some food and a soda, then just wandered a few other parts of the city. We took a lovely walk down a beautiful medieval river carved through the city.

I wandered off on my own to explore some and work on some writing. In my travel's, I ran across some castle ruins;

and the home where Jane Austen died.

It was time to wrap up the day, so I retired to a park to wait for the bus.

And that was the trip to Winchester.

I hope you all enjoy the pics. OH - I shared another poem in class yesterday, but i need to fix it up before I post it here. I will probably share that tomorrow :)


Ms. Obsessed said...

It's delightful! I'm green with envy. :)

Lauren B said...

I'm going to call myself the "green little monster" now..because I too am GREEN with envy!!!