Like, no way!

Please read the title of this post in your best valley girl accent.  Like, no way!  

On Sunday, my original running group, Life Time Run Club, had an 80s themed run from the club.  Now that we have wrapped up Cycle Club's outdoor rides for the year, my Sundays are pretty much free; therefore, I donned a throw together 80s outfit and headed out to meet the group last weekend.  I am so glad I did - I really miss running with run club. Due to the differing speeds of all the runners, it really pushes me to go faster and harder than I normally would on my own.

Life Time Easton Run Club 80s run!

As I mentioned last week, I bailed out of the 5K trail run where I planned on going for a PR.  I don't know what hit me this weekend, but as we headed out on Sunday's run, I was either propelled by my rockin side ponytail or had a lot of pent up energy having not run for almost two weeks.  Whatever it was, it lit a fire under my feet, and I was flying.  Since I felt so good, I figured I would go for my PR out on our route.  It was chilly and windy, but what the hell.  I was using the mapmyrun app on my iphone, so I knew I would get updates from the friendly voiceover lady while I was running.  For once, I also decided to run with music - which I haven't done in a long, long time.

We headed out and I felt strong.  Quick steps, mid foot strike, good breathing - everything just fell into place.  At the end of Mile 1, the voice told me I was averaging something in the 8 minute range.  WHA?  I didn't catch the seconds part of the time, but the fact that my pace was anywhere in the 8s was amazing.  I kept pushing it, and Mile 2 was an average of 8:30.  Like, no way!!!  I promised myself that no matter how much it started to get uncomfortable, I would keep pushing until I got past the three mile mark.  I have to admit that when the voice told me I had hit three miles, I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable.  I kept it going for a couple more minutes to make sure I got a full 5K in.  I stopped to pull out my phone and stop the app.  What I saw amazed me.  I got a PR.  3.17 miles, 26:59.  That's an average pace of 8:31.  Like, NO WAY!

I have no idea where it came from,  but I will take it.  Part of me doesn't trust the app, but I also know that I stayed in front of some of the faster runners in the club - and I know they routinely stay in the 8s for their runs.  So maybe it is right?  No matter what, I had a great run, and it was a great feeling to see those results.

Let's see if I can keep it up over the winter - or heck, maybe I can improve that time!!  I think I still need to race test it though and get an official time on a real mapped course.  I just may shoot to beat the 26:59 for this year's Turkey Trot!


Tiffany Campiotti said...

Fantastic! I love the feeling of flying, when you KNOW you're going to PR, when you just feel fast. Like, totally awesome! Turkey Trot should be the perfect place to test out the pace or try and PR again.

Matthew Smith said...

Bam! That's fast! Really FAST! Great job!!!!

Christi said...

Great run!