And the mojo is creeping back in......

I go on a 4 week cycle in training.  (As a lady I go through a 4 week cycle with other things - sure, maybe they are connected....)  ANYWAY.  I have three great weeks, then a week of "Do I have to do this?"  Yes, I use these as "recovery weeks" in training, but it feels like this last "recovery week" was harder than others.  With that being said, I am feeling the mojo coming back.  That may be due in large part to the BEAUTIFUL weather we are having today.  It's supposed to be 60 today.  SIXTY DEGREES.  Spring is on its way, I just know it!!!

First things first - the Arnold Sports Expo.  If you have never been, GO.  It was absolutely and totally worth the trip.  $15 to get into the expo, and we spent about 6 hours there.  The expo part itself (with all the booths, etc) was something not to be desired.  It was redonkulously crowded.

An overhead view of the expo.  CROWDED.

We made it down one aisle and said "screw this".  I hadn't been in a crowd that packed since Mardi Gras.  Luckily when we hit the end of the aisle, this is the sight we found.

And this was "Amateur"..................

I have never seen anything like that in person.  It was utterly and totally AMAZING.  Is it strange?  Sure.  It's the extreme end of a spectrum.  But really - to see it live and in person?  Holy wow.  The dedication that takes is just unbelievable.  Say what you will about performance enhancers, steroids, whatever.  Still.  To get to that point?  Amazing.  It was like looking at people wearing costumes or some sort of disguise.  You just think "there is no way on earth that can be real."  But it is.  I was pretty much in awe.

After that, we decided to wander around and see some of the other sports represented.  The variety is pretty cool.  We watched table tennis, CrossFit, ballroom dancing, fencing, karate, boxing, weightlifting, and I am sure I missed something else in there (oh - jump rope!).  I also got to see Arnold walk past with the one and only Mario Lopez.  Can I just say DAMN that man is pretty?  (Mario, not Arnold)  Overall, GREAT event.  I had a blast, and I look forward to next year.

On the training front, I feel like I picked up my mojo today - mainly because I had an amazing run this morning.  I have been meeting a friend of mine - and she is super speedy - for treadmill interval workouts every Wednesday morning.  We meet at 6:45am and knock out a speed/interval workout.  This morning we did mile repeats.  half mile warm up on the track, then to the treadmill.  In between each mile, we went to the weight room and did three leg exercises (lunges, squats, etc) before going onto the next mile.  I am so proud of myself - I managed to negative split each mile!  First one was 8:48, second one was 8:38, and the third one was 8:21!  What a wonderful way to start the day.

Lastly - guess who is bike shopping this evening?  ME ME ME!  Hopefully some cool pics to come.........

Keep moving folks!!!!


Christi said...

I have a couple of friends that are natural body builders and I am amazed by the whole thing. You can check out my one friend at bodybyjill.con. I made her website and it has a lot of her philosophies on it. Very cool! Her philosophies not my website!

Good luck on the bike shopping! I can't wait to see what you get!!!1

Matthew Smith said...

Well, I go through that cycle too, and I'm a dude! Those guys were crazy ripped! I don't really want to look like that...too much weight to carry around on a bike. I'm glad you got your mojo back.

Katie Duffy said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to see the new additon!