EXPO - TONITE! (And grand opening tomorrow!)

Are you in the central Ohio area?  Can you get to the Columbus Athletic Club TONIGHT?  If you can, come check out the multisport expo going on from 6-8pm.  I have to teach spinning in Gville from 6-6:40, but I am going to jump in the car and haul out to Cbus after my class to try and catch the end of the expo.

Funny story - last year I went to this expo and breezed through in about five minutes because I was so nervous - at that time, I had only done a couple races and I felt like a total and absolute poser.  I felt like anyone in the place would say "You aren't an athlete!  And you definitely aren't a triathlete!"  Of course, that wouldn't have been the case had I taken the time to actually talk to the folks there.  That inner voice can sometimes be a total and absolute asshole.

Anyway, this year I am rushing out to the expo in hopes of catching up with a handful of people I now know in the sport - to say hi to my team sponsor, to go have drinks after with a fantastic local coach and some of his athletes, and to maybe even recruit some people for team: roll.  I also plan on trying out any awesome and cool demo products, picking up lots of freebies, and I am actually going to ENJOY the expo.  My how things change in a year!!!!!  Maybe I will see you there??

AND if you are looking for something to do tomorrow night in Columbus, come check out the grand opening of roll's Bexley store.  It's a custom bike event - talk to the bike distributors and drool on some awesome machines.  roll is carrying Cervelo now, and I am pretty sure I may need to change my pants if I get the opportunity to maybe try one out on a trainer :-)

Click on the photo above to pre-register for the event!

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Matthew Smith said...

Well there's no doubt in my mind that you're a triathlete! You're going to have fun at the expo. I'm a little jealous!