Want to go to Sufferfest 2012?

Check out my sweet basement setup :-)  I managed to snag a nearly brand new Cycle Ops Trainer with front block for $50 from a friend.  Yes, that is freaking awesome.  My buddy Susan plans to attend Sufferfest with me on a regular basis, so her trainer is set up right next to mine.  Once she and her hubs return from their two week jaunt to Ecuador, we will have routine rides in the basement - time to start building up a movie queue!!!!

In the meantime, I set my goals for 2012.  Straight, simple, to the point.

1) Complete a half iron distance triathlon.  This race will be either Ironman Muncie, Ironman Lawrence or Rev3 CedarPoint.  I am leaning more towards Muncie, as it is driveable and it is earlier in the season.  Economics will dictate though if and when I can register for this race.  Haven't received my W-2 yet, but something tells me I brought more cash in when I was 18 and working retail than I did this year.  And no, I am not joking.  If I didn't have an employed husband, I'd be on food stamps.

2) Finish a half marathon in 2:15 or faster.  I will try to pull this off at the Cap City Half in May!

3) Finish an Olympic Length Tri in 2:45 or faster.  I plan to race Oly distance most of this season, so hopefully I can knock this one out of the park by the end of the season.

What are your goals????

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I know your the Queen of Bargains, but wow, $50 cycle ops is a steal!!!

I could be convinced on Muncie as well, I have eyed it a little, I hope you lean towards Rev3 though

M said...

I am the queen of "economical triathlon" finds :-) This one, I admit, was a freaking steal though.

Christi said...

Great steal on the trainer!

I don't know if I will be doing a 1/2 tri this year but I am still thinking it over. I have entered the lottery for the Triple Bypass Ride in Colorado. If I get in that will be my big adventure. If I don't then I will be racing a 1/2 tri.

Enjoy your suffer fests!

Matthew Smith said...

You're got a SWEET setup with the trainers. And, what a freaking score to nab the Cyclopse for $50. That's awesome! You'll just enjoy it even more...

I loved your goals. I feel like they are all acheiveable, and I know you'll do great! 2012 is your year!