The downward spiral

I have some confessions to make.  No way to be soft about it, so I'll just jump right in.

1) I have become rather lethargic.  I've gone from working out 6 days a week 8-10 hours per week to 2-3 total workouts for less than half the time I used to.

2) I am indulging in cocktails after work nearly every night.  Often times 2-3 cocktails.  A glass of wine.  Pinnacle Whipped Vodka.  Blueberry vodka and cranberry juice cocktail.  Every oktoberfest beer I can find.

3) The 30 day shred challenge?  Ummmm, not going well AT ALL.  I did day one, day two, then done.  I am SO sorry to those who signed up for it.  I feel pretty lousy for not sticking with it.  It's a long story, but I had a tiff with a good friend about it, said screw it, and I haven't touched the DVD since Day 2.

4) Work is killing me.  I keep trying and keep having no success.

Don't worry, I am working to change this - all of it.  I just wanted to say HEY I'M STILL HERE.

In other more important news, good vibes going out to BDD and his family - they are working through a lot right now, and I am sending lots of good vibes his way.

To everyone racing Rev3 this weekend, I am so proud of all of you.  You have put in amazing work, and I cannot wait to read your race reports.  What a great great weekend ahead.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Thanks, I need to write you, nothing bad

Matthew Smith said...

Keep your chin up and get back out there! What are races or events on your calendar? I'm a little stagnant myself, so I know how you feel. Hang in there!

Tiffany said...

I think we've all been there. Hang in there. Hopefully it all clicks back in for you....

Heather-O said...

Everyone needs a break once in awhile. No need to feel guilty about taking one! Many times I just need a good break from working out to get the motivation to start up again. It's a vicious cycle, but definitely nothing to beat yourself up about! I have no doubt you will get back into the swing of things when you are ready!

Matty O said...

Nothing wrong with tasty beverages :) (would you have thought I would have said anything else?)

Set some goals. Tell the whole world about them so you are accountable.

You had a big season, take some down time to unwind and get into some cross training like you were doing, give your body a chance to catch back up and you will be back before you know it.

I know the feeling though, tough rut to get out of.

Ms. Duffy said...

Joe Friel would call that "transition phase" and he's the boss, so... I think you're good :)