Where have I been? The couch.

That pretty much sums up every day since the YWCA Women's Triathlon. I decided to take some time off. The only race I have left for 2011 is the Hell Run - and that's purely for fun, not competition. So, I decided to take a break from the 6 day a week training regimen I've kept for the past year. I actually got a happy anniversary email from my gym for my one year membership. That means I have literally been busting my ass nonstop for one whole year.

It's paid off tremendously as evidenced by the massive PRs I've had and the many pounds I have dropped. While all the hard work gave me lots of results, I think I was ready for a bit of a break. I'd love to race a couple more times this year, but honestly I'm broke. I am still making $0 in my commission based sales job, so my husband is now referring to it as my 9-5 "hobby." (in all fairness, he is very supportive of me - the job has just become a bit of a joke) Race fees are just too pricey right now, so I'll be sitting on the couch rather than racing.

I did make it out for one 18 mile ride with BDD the day before his awesome performance at the Great Buckeye Challenge, but that's been about it up until today. After yesterday's earthquake (which I did feel here in Ohio - super weird), the weather has been absolutely beautiful. I got home early for lunch today and felt "moved" to go for a run. Because I had the extra time and the urge, I changed and got my gear on before I talked myself out of the pursuit.

Within ten minutes of getting home, I was changed, strapped on the Garmin and took off. Literally, I took off. Like a bullet. The Garmin had me down at a sub 8 minute pace for a good chunk of the first two miles. That undid me though and the last mile of my standard 3 mile loop was more of a walk/jog/walk. But i think I needed to get out there and just GO. To feel it and burn off the cobwebs. It was a lovely lunchtime run. I hope it helps me get back on the horse after my almost two week hiatus.

I am going to double it up a bit today as I promised a friend I would hit a Zumba class with her tonight. Egads. I've never done a class like that before, so I'm a tad nervous. The room is always packed, and I normally like having my own space in a group workout environment. We'll see how it goes - I figured it would be fun to just get out and try a few random things. So, here we go. From here on out, it has to be fitness for fitness sake - rather than for triathlon. I haven't been on the "fitness" wagon for a long time. I hope I can stay on the ride for a while.


Matty O said...

After training cycles (typically ending at your A Race for the year) It is important to take time off and let your body recover before you start piling up the mileage again.

I can say this, but I don't follow it haha. Time off is healthy. Mentally and physically.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Based on the current paychecks, you should train full time, it will make the same amount of money.

I am ready for the off season

Katie said...

the title of this made me laugh very hard. "the couch." perfect. :)