Post Race Blues

I admit it - my mood has taken a serious nose dive since Sunday. I went from a super high high to a super low low. Work stinks at the moment, my mood is crap, and I am so sleepy all the time. I have a trip and a race to look forward to next weekend with three of my bestest friends in the world, but I think I am suffering from post-race depression. le sigh. And thanks to everyone for your kudos about the race - it truly was wonderful. To show how much I loved it, check out that smile coming into T2!!! I think I had just spotted my husband and friends when this shot was taken. This is my first ever good bike pic :-)


Matthew Smith said...

Great shot! I hate ALL my race pictures because I look so lame. Hopefully I'll get a good one like yours on my next race!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I thought it was because you chased me down and erased my 8 minute lead to keep the prestige Golden Crank Award

You had a great race, sometimes those great races leave you a little blue. Dont worry, those Granville hills will take your mind off things and racing back to back weekends.

Wanna do Deer Creek on Oct 2nd?

Colleen said...

((HUGS)) Hope things turn around soon. DO you have any other races on the schedule to get excited about??? :)

Great picture!

Katie said...

that's an AWESOME shot!