Topless men and coconut milk

It's hotttt outside. It's humid and sticky and hot. Which means that for all of us working outdoors, we're probably shedding as much clothing as we can, right?

Which brings me to a question.

Here's the deal - I went on a run Sunday with my Run Club. By the time we were done with our 7 miles, the temps were well into the high 80s and the humidity was in the 80%+ range. There was an air quality alert in effect for the day, too. It had turned to a scorcher. We were all sweating like a "lady of the night" in church.

Anyway, after the run a few of us stood around chatting about upcoming races, etc. In mid sentence, one of the guys I was talking to unzips and takes his shirt off, standing there topless for the rest of the conversation. I workout with triathletes 5-6 days a week - it's not that it's a bad thing to see these dudes with their tops off - that's not really the issue at hand. I just started thinking, "Would I take my shirt off mid sentence while standing talking in a group of three people?" As a woman, it's somewhat different. But it's those subtle differences that make me go hmmmm sometimes.

No, this pic was not taken at Run Club - but close enough to the actual experience :p

Yes, it was crazy hott out, and I assume this dude was going to change shirts when he got to his car. He was sweltering in the heat and was ready to get the damn shirt off. But mid sentence was just like "umm, okay, bye bye shirt, hello sweaty topless guy!" Is there some sort of norm when it comes to men and when it is okay or not okay to go topless? Or when to dispatch sweaty clothing? In reality, I am more curious than anything - I wasn't offended at all. It just got me thinking that maybe it's a boy/girl difference in behavior. Although I am super tempted to take my top off mid sentence at the next work out (leaving the sports bra on of course). Would that be weird?? ha ha!

In other news, after dealing with what I believe to be some sort of heat exhaustion after said run on Sunday morning, I've started looking into some alternative hydration options. My go to drink has always been nuun, but I've been out here lately and have yet to make it to the running store to get more. I decided to try the Zico coconut water, as I have heard some great things about its benefits.

The jury is out on this one. I don't drink milk, and the consistency of the Zico reminded me a lot of what I remember milk tasting like. As for the flavor, I am going to let my friend D sum up my thoughts on its flavor. She tried it for the first time the other day, too, and this is how she described it:

"It's like it wanted to be sweet, but it wasn't really. But it also wasn't really salty either. And sort of had a flavor but sort of didn't. I don't know. It was sort of in between a lot of things but not quite anything. Does that make sense?"

Yes, D, it makes total sense.

In summary, the questions for today:

1) What are the rules on toplessness and disrobing post super hott workouts? Should I attempt to go topless mid conversation after my next run?

2) Coconut water - discuss.

Happy training, everyone!!!


Christi said...

I am curious as the norms for going shirtless. I don't know if there are any.

Tiffany said...

Guys really don't think about the shirtless thing... it was probably bothering him so, off it went (no thought involved most likely).
As for coconut WATER- I like Vitacoco water. The description your friend gave is pretty accurate. I like to put it in my smoothies post workout. Not a huge fan of it straight up.
Just started using coconut MILK- So Delicious and Silk brand are yummy. I like the milk better because it has a sweeter flavor and it's fantastic in my coffee.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

So does that mean I can strip mid ride? I dunno the rules, not like it pertains to me

I heard coconut water is a great drink to train with also is great recovery drink as well

M said...

There seem to be "man norms" for lots of things, and I was wondering if this is one of them!!!!

Matty O said...

:) I run shirtless all the time. 55 degrees and warmer, no shirt. Hate shirts.

Fit or not, I don't care haha.

NOW, you thinking that the said male was even thinking about anything when he took his shirt off was a HUGE assumption haha. Men don't ever think :)

I am sure it was just a, "Man my shirt is sweaty and sticking to my skin, time to ditch it" approach and that is it.

Men are VERY SIMPLE beings. We never think... ever haha.

Coconut water... a lot of lactose intolerant people or people who ditch dairy from their diets will pursue this.

Never tried it. Sounds expensive haha.

Ellobie said...

Based on the number of women I see running "topless" (sports bra only), I don't think anyone would freak if you were to ditch your tee mid- or post-run. I think the only rule is that you have to be fit!

Heather-O said...

At first I thought it was weird that he stripped his shirt off mid-sentence...but then thinking about my life with Matty-O I would have to agree that guys don't ever think, they just do. Personally, I am not offended by either sex running topless (SB for women) and I actually change my shirts in "public" after a long workout all the time. Granted it's not mid-sentence and I try to do it by the privacy of my vehicle door or something.

rebecca said...

I think that in the context of the situation, if you feel like you want to strip down to sports bra, it would be totally appropriate, and no one would bat an eye. Other than to be all "DAAAAAAAAAAAMN, GIIIIIRRRRRL!!!" ;)

Quinton J said...

So funny. A few years ago I decided to name my summer Tuesday runs “Topless Tuesdays”. It’s hot and the shirt comes off…usually a few kms/miles into the run. In the past year though, I’ve started running my Tuesday runs with a female runner and just the other day, she was like “Q…you’re not going to be the only one topless today”…and she showed up for our run with just her sports bra. The thing is…are topless WHILE we’re running.
I find it funny that this dude could tolerate the heat with his shirt on for the whole run but just had to take it off when his body was finally cooling down. Still…if you have it…flaunt it. Heck…even if you don’t have it…I’m still okay with you flaunting it. sometimes it’s just SO hot out there.

M said...

Matt - I think you hit the nail on the head when you said "we don't even think about it." That was probably it! ha!

Matthew Smith said...

I agree with Matty O...guys don't think. But, I think it's only fair if you women are allowed to enjoy the less clothing on hot days. Mid sentence? I guess that would be a little rude, but I probably would have done it too if I was hot.

Let me know how the coconut turns out for ya.

Patrick Mahoney said...

Wait, he took the shirt on after the workout? Nah, not backing that. During is fine, IF you are outside and not at a public place like a gym. Afterwards, you can change but you definitely need to have a top on. And this only applies to running (swimming too). On the bike topless is just plain dumb.

I happen to like coconut water but not as a hydration method. The solution to this problem may be simple - I've found that Nuun simply isn't all that good of a product. Find another similar product and give it a shot - one is bound to work for you. I personally prefer Hammer Nutrition's Heed but even then there are times when it's super dry and hot that I need to call in the Gatorade or evan a cola if I am bonking.