Amazing? Probably not, but thanks!

I was rewarded the Amazing Blogger Award from Big Daddy Diesel. I am now required to answer some very personal questions then make other bloggers do the same. Awesome.

My favorite cartoon character is…I have no idea. I don't think I have a fave cartoon character. A care bear maybe? I don't know. I'm 33. I don't connect to cartoons anymore.

My favorite thing to photograph is…the pets. I have way too many photos of Miss Betsy, Allie, Buddy and Scout

My favorite thing to cook is… pasta sauce! I am trying to stay in the habit of not buying jarred sauce and making my own instead. I just use canned tomatoes, then cut up lots of random veggies to add in and puree together. The sauce has come out differently every time - I love experimenting with different flavors to see what will happen in the end!

My favorite way to exercise is…meet friends and workout together. I used to be such a solo trainer, but now I have a RunClub, biking buddies, swim friends, etc. My workouts have become social experiences, and I love it!

My favorite movie is…Road House. If
this movie is on, I have to watch it. Patrick Swayze as a bouncer with Jeff Healy as the in-bar music. Yes, please.
My favorite article of clothing is… My Saucony Kinvaras :-)

My favorite flower is…ones that are alive and in soil. Cut flowers make me sad - they are on their way to total death.

My favorite breakfast is…
my hubby's omelettes. Yummo.

Now I am supposed to tag people and make them feel obligated to do this, too!!! So here you go :-)


Tracy, TAG.


Mom in Motion said...

Road House is your favorite movie? I had no idea! I'm not judging, I just had no clue. After all these years, it turns out I hardly knew ye.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Your more mature 33 year old side doesnt relate to cartoon characters anymore?

Thanks for playing along

T said...

Is it me or are these the weirdest questions? I mean, I'll answer them, but they're just... odd! Thank you :)