Before I ramble on about my birthday, I have to give a huge shout out to my Aunt and Mom (pictured above) who did the Flora, Indiana Hog Jog a couple weeks ago! They walked it out, and I am so proud of them!

Next, thanks so much for the birthday wishes. It was a wonderful birthday weekend parlayed into a wonderful birthday-day, and I am a lucky girl. My birthday extravaganza was also extremely tri heavy - which is awesome. Here's your breakdown:

Friday afternoon - An awesome freaking box of tri gear arrives on my doorstep from my awesome buddy Lauren. I could not believe what was in there - it was a plethora of tri goodness! Chamois glide, new TYR goggles, bike socks that said "I heart Tri":

a necklace (that happened to have half iron distances on the back - I think that was a hint) - just so freaking sweet.
And on top of that, she gave me a gift certificate to one of my favorite tri sites, teamestrogen.com, to pick out some items on my own. I snagged a new pair of Zoot tri shorts and some race flip flops. Lauren, you are way too sweet to me - THANK YOU SO MUCH, DEARY!

Friday night - Swim at Alum Creek with BDD. Let's just say that we had one huge private pool that evening. Thanks to some crap weather earlier in the afternoon, there was nary a soul at the beach that evening. It was just BDD, the fishes and me out in the water for the swim. We knocked out a nice distance then parted ways til the morning. My husband was scheduled to fly in from Florida that evening, and I was super pumped to go get him at the airport.

Saturday morning - 3:45am - FINALLY get home after numerous plane delays, lost luggage, and picking the hubs up at the airport. Poor guy was exhausted, and so was I. I also had a ride scheduled for 7am. Awesome.

Later (or earlier?) Saturday morning - 7am - Due to a missed alarm clock (AHEM), we started out a bit late. It was actually really chilly at the start of the ride with little to no sun. Yuck. Thankfully the sun decided to show up, and it turned into a positively gorgeous day to be out riding. That day, I clocked my first ever 50+ mile ride (53 to be exact). Rock on.

Saturday afternoon/evening - Hubs wants me to open my birthday present - so I did! A bike computer!!!!! SWEEEEEEEEEET. Will install this week - rock on. Sleep

Sunday - Tubing down the Mohican River, and absolutely no training at all (unless you count the "how many beers can you drink while on a river for four hours challenge").

Monday - Yet another awesome box arrives, this time from my Mom. Inside was this AWESOME shirt from Trix. I saw this shirt several months ago and posted on facebook. My Mommy remembered and got it for me. I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! She also got me a super awesome towel with my name embroidered on it - guess what that's supposed to be? My new transition towel!!!!! It's in the wash now, but as soon as it is out, I will post a pic. Just so very very cool. THANK YOU, MOMMA!!!!!!!

If my 33rd year of life is starting out like this, I can only imagine how much more fun I'm going to have!!! Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes and sweet sweet tri gear!!!!!!


Christi said...

You seem so much older and wiser! Just kidding! It sounds like you had a great weekend. I love all the great presents you got!

Matty O said...

Haha, great recap! Congrats on your first 50+ mile ride!!!! Wow, we didn't do ours until our first 70.3. All the training we did was under 45 miles. That is a huge accomplishment!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

You sound so mature now, now that your older, maybe you wont miss waking up to your alarm ;-)

I like that shirt, there is a shirt they have that I want, wanna guess which one

M said...

ummm, would it be THIS one, BDD???

And yes, I am so much more mature now that I start off with a post all about presents for ME ME ME! :p

Matthew Smith said...

What a score of good stuff for your birthday! Sweet! That tubing sounds like a on of fun too. Nice work on the riding too. Keep up the good work.